How to Keep Your Kids Entertained

June 17, 2020


Around the globe, we have all spent a lot more time at home, and without the promise of escaping to the playground or sporting grounds, you may be running low on activities. Fear not!

Here are a few ideas we have prepared for you:

Go Back to Basics

As adults, we sometimes forget how fun the simple things can be - returning to your roots can be just as fun for you as it can be for your children!

These activities are something that you can also participate in, or depending on your children’s ages, you can coordinate and watch, giving you some solitary time.

- Paper planes: a perfect throw back to chasing down your own wonky paper aircraft.

- Back yard camping, or use your imagination to create an indoor fort.

- Hopscotch: draw out your hopscotch pattern with chalk on the pavement or masking tape if you’re looking for an inside activity and you have a large, safe space.

- Scavenger hunt: this one can be as extravagant or as simple as you like, personalised to your children and your home. Make it a family affair based around your family’s favourite activities and interests.

- Bake: Baking is great fun and it gives you a yummy product to share afterwards. This may also be an educational experience to teach your children the value of understanding nutrition and how to fuel their body.

Get Crafty

At home craft projects are always a great entertainer!

There is nothing quite like getting your hands in a mess of glue and paper and it’s amazing what kids can come up with when they set their minds to a task.

- Paper Mache: you can usually find equipment for this craft around the house, making it a great impromptu activity.

- Recycling creations: re-purposing your recycling into monsters, animals or machines, this activity uses your little one’s imagination and is a great time to talk about what recycling means.

- Lego building competition: who can build the best animal? Or hotel? The limit doesn’t exist with Lego, set a competition for your children or their neighbors and friends.


There’s always an opportunity to learn, and getting into science experiments may take a little more organising and supervision but your children will reap the benefits.

Science experiments are super engaging, your children are able to make predictions, discuss what they observe, and in turn ask further questions. Learning about cause and effect on a multitude of layers.

You can start with things like this.

-  Make a bird feeder: a hands on activity that brings in discussion of nature and habitats.

- Pick flowers for drying: observing variation change and diversity of mother nature and use them for a beautiful craft another day.

- DIY lava lamp: learning about density and chemical reactions while creating a bright room lamp.

- Insect hotels: understanding ecosystems, watching how these little critters live and play.

- Rain cloud in a jar: discovering the mystery of weather in a hands on experience.

The ultimate reward will be seeing those smiling faces while finding an activity they love!